Field of Dreams Emitter for particle flowers and gardens

17 Jun

(at the time I post this, I haven’t tested the emitter)

URL: Original Field of Dreams thread from 2004
SLURL: Cailyn’s Shop – Field of Dreams Emitter here

Yay! I was reading the forums to look at particle garden tips in the building and scripting areas and someone linked to an old 2004 post about Field of Dreams. It’s so long ago that the sim mentioned has since gone and I really didn’t want to bug the person listed, not this long after the original post. I’d feel weird asking for something mentioned on a post that long ago!

There’s a couple other posts on emitter scripts too, I’ll link them at the bottom of the entry. The full script written by Zara Vale and the discussion thread that goes with it. I haven’t tried it out yet either. In another thread I saw someone mentioning the FoD emitter again, a recent 2007 post. (it’s more recent than 2004!)

Sure enough in the corner of Cailyn Miller’s shop on Gisborne, she has the emitter boxed for use. Yay thank you Cailyn! Gonna go try it out after I hit submit on this :)

FoD 2007 thread (Has LM to the shop with it)

Other posts on emitters:
Zara Vale’s particle garden script
Zara Vale’s Script (Discussion thread)


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