16 Jun

ARGH! It is so frustrating to try and build only to have the prims repeatedly snap back to previous positions, sizes, and rotations. I’ve placed this particular 10x10x.5 prim into position 9 times now. It’s leaping all over to various previous spots. I think it’s moving around to some spots in which it never even was!

I’m starting to lose my whiskers over this. I would have thought that building this late at night would mean less hassle, but.. no. I forget that it’s still early SL time! Maybe Fermi’s under grief attack or something, it’s not always this bad.

Had it happen out on Morning Shire and it’s really bad out at Fermi right now. That’s why I’m blogging and not building, I’m waiting on my prims to finish deciding where they’ll be haha.

Gonna have to go sandbox scouting for one that allows sky building (I’m building on a 40×40 platform, don’t want to hog up the ground space) that also won’t have random people just flying up trying to make conversation (or worse yet, asking me to give them what I’m building). I love meeting new people, but not when I’m focusing on building. I’m not very good at chatting and building at the same time, especially not while under the influence of RL pain and pain medication hehe

*cuddles teddy and hides in a 0.5×0.5×0.5 box*

Dear Lag,
Please go bother Torley instead. (hehehe!)
Lorimae and Teddy

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