New viewer and loads of changes

15 Jun

It feels like I’m reading “patch day” notes from EQ! Lots of changes, a lot of which I don’t really think I understand. haha

Official Blog Entry on 1.23 and Release Notes for 1.23

I haven’t downloaded it yet. It looks like there’s a lot of complaints over on the official blog entry relating to even more bugs. Hopefully it’s not mandatory to have before logging in again.

I like that option to dimple more than just spheres now. It will make it easier I think while I’m practicing jewelry making. I always have a hard time knowing how much dimple to get the right sized piece. I eventually get it, but not after clenching my jaw and muttering snarky comments at the build window hehe

Then there’s the increments for cut are set at a much more sensible setting. It’s always a hassle to path cut a box to get the corner cut out and have to always hand type those numbers in.

Sounds like some of the avatars are going to be broken with this viewer, the ones who use the megaprim (or is it invisiprim?) technique to hide their guts apparently can’t do that anymore. It’s a shame they took that away before releasing an alpha mesh. I cannot wait for alpha mesh, I have ideas ready to go!

Ooo hopefully they really did fix the black terrain below waterline issue. That will make it much easier on me as a photographer around SL! It stinks when I want to get great photos only to find when settings are turned up for the picture, whabam! black water! Ruins the shot until I turn settings down again.

Then there’s also the texture picker and people picker (like if you’re filing an abuse report and choosing the person’s name) lag is fixed! I really really hope it is. Oh man, to be able to build without a minute of waiting on the texture box will be so sweet! I’ve gotten into the habit of just drag/dropping textures from inventory onto edit window or onto the prim itself.

*cuddles her own tail happily*

I like that there’s an ignore option on the friendship requests. It is creepy when people friend me, then I say no to the blue box to get it off my screen so I can keep building, then they pounce on me and start in with questions and such. They didn’t really want to friend me, they just were testing to see if I was online. That’s creepy and rude, don’t do it please.

Oooo “Fixed: Notecard won’t save when an item is copied from another notecard” Yay! :)

Plus a whole ton of other changes. Before you download be sure you check the forums and the official blog entry to see what others are saying. It looks like from the comments I saw, there’s a crashing issue going on with the new viewer. (This may be fixed by the time you read though, so double check!)

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