I signed up for class!

13 Jun

Yay! I signed up for the class to learn The Gimp by Calla Cela today. I went to the orientation to see whether or not it was a class I’d enjoy taking. Then I thought about it all evening and finally decided that yes, yes indeed I would take it.

So I start it tomorrow night at 6pm SL. Every Saturday night, that’s where I’ll be for the next 10 weeks. Except 4th of July when I’ll probably be visiting family :) Generally though, during that time frame I will be very slow on responding to IM’s.

I am so excited, I’ve tried using Google to learn GIMP but I find that since I don’t know the terms of I’m trying to find.. that I can’t find it. I can do a few things in photoshop, but not nearly as much as I wish I could do.

This is the first real serious class I’ve signed up for aside from the TIC (teachers in creation) program I took before I started teaching at TUi last year. I don’t teach there this year though, my classes are just available there at my shop on Morning Shire :)

This will be fun I think! I’m a little nervous hehe

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