Gimpsters Class #1

13 Jun

Yay!  It went great! :)  I am so glad I signed up for this.

I learned a lot and now the tools seem far less overwhelming.  There’s just so many of the little icons and I never knew what they did.  Hovering over may give me a name but it doesn’t really say what it does, you know?  It was a fun class, but my brain is worn out.  It’s a lot to take in all at once.

Now I have homework -gasp-  Oh wait, no I knew we’d have homework hehe!  I’ll let you guys see what I do for my homework after I finish it.  One is to visit a specific sim, I’ll blog about that after I visit and get some photos!  The other is to create an image following specific tasks.  So far so good, I can do that hehe!

Adventuring in sims and playing with GIMP, sounds good to me!

Plus now I do not have to worry about missing on the 4th, class will be skipped that day :)  Thank you!

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