New gallery in the sky :)

11 Jun

Phase 1 of total renovation is complete :) Next up on the list is to tackle the ground level!

It’s at 800m, check my profile picks for "Art" :) Come visit it! There’s RL photography, SL photography, and sculptures (in boxes)

Fishing up some noms! I mean.. art.. fishing up art! -nomnom-

There’s a ground teleporter on the tail if you want to head down and go fishing at the 7seas pond or see my house and all :) Can’t fish in the gallery, despite how the theme looks! :) You can sit up on the boat though, there’s three spots you can pose for photos. They line up right as my human child sized avatar, not sure how they’ll do for taller or smaller avatars yet.

Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit Morning Shire.

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