Mailbox question – Updated entry

11 Jun

Update: Oh look!  I found this in Google:  Mailbox Script at GreyFuzz.  It’s free, yay!  It has the hover just like I was after and the script is mod (well obviously, since you copy it off the blog there hehe). Yay, thank you GreyFuzz!  Yay for scripters <3

I think that does exactly what I want.  I left the old post below, you can read the original entry and still send me shop LM’s if you’d like a visitor :)

Hey, have you guys seen the mailboxes that have the hovering text to show how many mails are waiting to be read? I think they usually have three or four lines and say something like 5 or 12 unread. (or however the number goes) Of course you have seen them! wheee!

If you know of a shop that uses one, could you send me a LM in world so I could go look at it please? If you know the script writer’s shop, that LM would be awesome too (but I’d still like to visit your shop!) :) I can’t remember where I’ve seen them and I *just* saw one this week too.

I used to have a mailbox but it didn’t do the hovering thing, and it only gave a note if people clicked rather than giving me notes that people could leave for me to see.


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