11 Jun

Hey!  If you guys don’t see you comments appear, please let me know in world.  Obviously you should IM “Lorimae Undercroft” :)  I was poking around to see what kind of spammers comments there were and I saw one from Azelle.  Pfft… not a spammer!

So if anyone else isn’t seeing theirs appear, let me know so I can click around in the spam and de-flag it :)

I miss chat.  I think it’s been too long, Teddy is starting to get patchy and his button eyes are getting loose from withdrawal.  Gonna have to haul him to the Shire Hospital soon if this keeps up!  Maybe it’s not withdrawals for him, maybe he’s just tired of listening to me meow about everything.  Maybe he’s just super tired!  Ohnoes!

I’m renovating my art gallery today, I figured I’d start there since I’m putting it in the sky again.  It will be easier to make room for my art if I put it at 800 meters rather than trying to cram it into a corner on the ground.  I wish we had underground access, without having to cut the land down.  I’d like to make tunnels and set up my house down there!  I don’t want extra prims assigned, I just want the ability to create an underground area while still keeping basic terrain look on top.  If you cut away, then you gotta use prims for flat ground.

Trying to get the art gallery sign to cycle up, some nice lag today.  <3

Come on Hamster Linden (a generic, yet very cute name I give to the hamster who runs the server, duh..), run your little fuzzy legs as hard as you can!  You can do it!  Or Valla will break out the tazer!  So run, run run!  -zap-  I will let you nap with Teddy later.. when chat is fixed!! -zap-

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