Awww, is it just me?

10 Jun

I can’t get back into SL. I’ve a load of prims up in the Fermi sky. Thankfully I wrote my location down just as I felt the crash coming on. I always feel bad when I crash and leave a ton of stuff around someone elses sandbox. There I am as a guest, leaving junk around. How rude of me! hehe

Sooo I tried to go read the SL forums and they’re down too. Don’t this just stink up the catpan, or what? Yah it totally does. Peww.. *pinches Teddy’s nose*

Well it’s about 11pm SL time when I crashed and it’s about 15 minutes later now. I guess I’ll go fix myself some tea and give another login try here in a few minutes. If i can’t get in, then I gotta say this at least!

I am sorry Fermi, I didn’t mean to litter your sky with kitties and fishes! <3

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