Skins and making your own

8 Jun

I still use a freebie skin on my human form. I’ve looked at skins off and on in the last year and a half and I haven’t found the right one yet. Sometimes I find a cute one but the demo doesn’t look right (usually because of excess makeup). The amount of makeup would look lovely on an older avatar, but I’m small and cute and I need no makeup hehe

Then I give up looking for a while since I spend much of my time as a kitty anyway. I can’t seem to bring myself to pay for a skin for my human form haha

Tonight I went out to various shops I find while looking for “kawaii skins”. Did you know it’s a bit tough to find freckled skin? Some shops do have them, but most create un-freckles. (I couldn’t think of a better term!)

I saw lots of great stuff, I’m so impressed with how good everyone is. Seriously, from beauty marks, to little scars, to model perfect skin. It’s so neat to see how very different each face is from shop to shop. Different texturing techniques, different shading, different skin tones, eye shape, makeup application. It’s fun :)

So my last stop for the night before I head off to read is Skinthesis (click it and visit!). They’re also in the Lucky Tribe, so if you have that HUD you can stop off at the chair there too and get yourself some kudos. It’s a cool shop, I love the big display in the middle with the elfy/fairy type skins.

There’s even cute sets for mommy and me, well not me as in.. me who blogs here.. but you know what I mean.. that’s what they’re called. That way the momma and the child have the same tone and look related. That is neat, I haven’t seen that in any other shops yet. Then again, I haven’t been to all that many shops for skins hehe, I seem to end up at the same ones every month or so!

I tried the demo for the unisex child skin and it’s cute. I think my shape is maybe the problem haha, it’s one I adjusted myself from a freebie and I have no idea what normal proportions for a face is. No one ever IM’s and says “whoa crap, you look like a cat nommed yer head!”, so I guess I’m okay. I think my skin is maybe the one I started with on day one. Maybe.. I don’t know, I can’t remember! It’s definitely free though haha. Ah well I can’t tell, no creator listed.

In the demo was a notecard that mentioned if I’d like to try my hand at making my own skin, she offered some info about Eloh Eliot’s files. Ohmygosh yay! So I googled, I am gonna give it a shot. Not tonight though, it’s sleepy time. :)

Eloh Eliot’s blog, there you can visit too and pick up the files as well. She has them in GIMP and Photoshop format.

Now you can try too, but be sure to give a visit to Skinthesis too, because that shop is just neat! The elf ear display makes me giggle. Don’t miss seeing that! If you’re an elf, you might want to keep your paws over your ears.. you know… just in case that’s how she gets them.

How exciting! :)

On a side note, Teddy is working on a project. He won’t let me tell you what it is yet. It has nothing to do with skins. He won’t even tell me the whole plan, that stinky bear! He just grabs my paw and leads me around.


2 Responses to “Skins and making your own”

  1. Azelle June 8, 2009 at 2:05 am #

    I has those skins! In fact I just opened them up the other day and tinkered with it between Photoshop and the test server. What decided me on messing with them was that I found a perfect skin – and I mean it was PERFECT for me – but it was $L1000 for just one skin! Eeps!

  2. Lorimae June 8, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    Oh I know! That’s why I haven’t ever bought one anywhere. The prices on the lovely ones range from 1 to 2,000 eek. But they do such a lovely job on the skins :)

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