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6 Jun

heehee.. some of the searches you people use to find my blog make me giggle.  Sometimes they’re completely off the wall.  You guys are silly.   Sometimes, I have to go use the terms and check Google myself!  I am still not sure how the one from the other day ended up here, when I use it.. I only got two pages and none of them was here!  I’m sure they must have been equally confused to end up at my blog.  I can be pretty sure I’ve never typed that random configuration of letters before around the blog.

Those of you looking for Numbakulla cheats won’t find them here haha!  For shame! :)   Go explore and enjoy the sim! :)  I never have finished it, and it’s been so long now that I’ll have to start over I think hehe.  So I don’t even have any tips for you, other than look everywhere and take lots of photos for Flickr and then send me the link so I can see it from your eyes (but don’t spoil anything!).  I am so glad to see people looking for help on it, it means people are going and having fun there (and probably getting frustrated hehe)

I like checking the search terms used, it’s fun to see what people use to find their way here.


2 Responses to “Search terms!”

  1. Azelle June 7, 2009 at 2:41 am #

    Oh, thanks for reminding me to set up Google Webmaster Tools! Apparently folks find me using “azelle” and “purkle.” lol

  2. Lorimae June 8, 2009 at 1:08 am #

    Oooo I should set that up too! I was just getting my search info from the WordPress dashboard, some really weird searches today too. People are goofy :)

    Purkle heehee..

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