Master Jewelers

5 Jun

Someday, I want to take that course, the one offered by Izira! I saw in someone’s profile that they were in the group related to it. It got me to thinking about it again. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money when I’m not sure if I could actually do the course! I get a little queasy thinking of spending 10 linden to upload a texture hehe, so I dunno about spending that much to take a jewelry series. I know a little about making jewelry already from other small classes taken around the grid in the last year and a half.

I don’t know much about jewelry in RL. I just don’t wear it much, unless hair clips count haha. I actually don’t wear it much in SL either, only because I can’t ever remember the names of the pieces I like.

I’ve heard it’s a very intense series of classes, but I have never heard anyone say they wish they hadn’t done it! So it must be really great :)

So yah, I think about it now and then. Then I get queasy from worry if I could complete it, if I should spend the linden, blah blah blah.. and then I don’t sign up haha

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