Building an art gallery

4 Jun

While chat is being a poo this week (and I am serious.. I misses you guys so much.. I miss the waffle talk, the picking on Zayn, the whole cheering for catboxes every day…. sniffle…)

Yah, so during all that miserable no-chat-sadness, I’ve been trying out various ideas for my art gallery! I build one and think.. um.. naw.. but the building gets saved for use maybe later for another project. So I think I have a cute idea now.

I just like any excuse to build, actually. One of my projects I want to do is to figure out how to sculpt myself some cat poop in Sculpt Studio. You know like the giant cat poo I have down at the bottom of the water on my land? You can’t miss it. I want to sculpt that! Sure it’s one prim now as a torus, and it’d be one prim as a sculpt.. but it’d be a SCULPT :) A catpoo sculpt. That’s what…

Right now the art is all in the red berry over at the side, but I am getting bored with it already haha. Yay renovations! SL crashed on me earlier and I am too pooped to log back on. (Sorry Ray!) I went and ate, watched some Family Guy, peeked outside only to find the neighbor’s cat didn’t take his gift away ugh. I’m going to barf if it’s still there tomorrow. I should not be so tired cause I slept a lot today ugh. The rain and medication is making me zzzzzzzz today.

So I’m debating whether or not this building will work. It would require people to use their cameras in order to see the art properly. I think what I can do is put a little sign that gives a notecard. That way people who do know how, can wander on in. People who don’t know how, will learn something new, Yay!


Maybe tomorrow chat will work again, the isolation is starting to get to me. Not that I have all that much to say most days, but it is always fun to watch everyone in chat groups talk :)

I read Torley’s blog just now, he always has such good posts. Sometimes featuring funny videos of him in his watermelon pants (those are some cool pants!), today is some of his and Rav’s kitty too. But my favorite one this week is the Creative Pride post. I get teased a lot for being creative, and that post just totally made my day to read.

Yay creativity!

I’m gonna go to bed and watch some tv, and got me some Pokemon to go catch. Yeah that’s right! Pokemon! Seriously, I gotta catch ’em all. :)

I think Teddy and I will have an adventure tomorrow, I have some places in the Carmina Passport (from SLThingsToDo site) that I’ve not seen before.


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  1. Azelle June 4, 2009 at 3:25 am #

    *HUGS!* I feel isolated too. OMG it needs fixing. O.O …fixfixfixfixfixfix…

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