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Gimpsters #3 yesterday, hunt updates

28 Jun

Yay :)

Class #3 was great. It was much easier to focus with Mr. Noms put on the porch, ty Calla! :)

Learned yet more things that I haven’t been able to figure out before now. Our homework was pretty easy and fun. I thought it’d be really difficult but nope, it’ll come in very handy in the future too. I finished up my homework already so I won’t have to worry about it during vacation, and especially so I don’t have to rush around and try and finish it when we’re back.

I’ll make some more later today probably, then try to remember to upload them to flickr so I can blog them and make you guys look at them mwahahaha…..

Haven’t had much to blog on, been real busy in RL preparing for vacation. Traveling sets my anxiety off in a major way, my apologies if I’ve been weirder than normal lately <3

As for hunt updates!
SLD Hunt item will be picked up on July 1st, the hunt officially ends on June 30th. This was a 2 month long hunt, I had lots of fun chatting with hunters and hearing feedback about the shoes (for humans) and dress (for tinies) You guys were so nice, thank you <3 I was so worried that people would be snarky, I've seen how people can be in hunts where I've beena hunter.. but this time around people were great. I haven't really had any chat for the last month unfortunately, stupid bug.. (click that JIRA at the top and go read hehe)

I've held off on renovations of the other half of my land where the now stripey purple berry is, just so the SLD coordinators didn't have to update the hint again. In the last week the magnify glass has been made much larger to help those who are attempting to get all the shops. Just come back and visit later when you're under less pressure. And that leads me into the next one…

Gone Fishing Hunt is soon
On June 30th I’ll put out the Gone Fishing Hunt custom box. You’ll need a 7seas fishing rod. You will NOT need bait in order to catch the GFH prizes. You will need bait if you want to catch the other customs I offer though. I think maybe a waffle plate can be caught without bait but the rest I’m pretty sure are higher and bait needed.

The last GFH hunt, I put down a catbox fish specifically created for the April hunt. This time around I’ve created a special red/white/blue fishing rod featuring Teddy :)


minor renovations

26 Jun

minor renovations, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Recolored the berry building to match the other items a bit better, no time today to finish the real renovations but now it looks like it belongs and less like it’s a renovation that’s half done :)

Too much to do in RL! aah! *stomps on RL’s toe!*

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Gone Fishing Hunt – July Prize

26 Jun

Yay! It’s almost time :)

I am shop #48 woohoo!

Some time late on June 30th I’ll put the custom prize giver out. The hunt will run all of July.

This round the prize is a custom colored rod, decorated in red/white/blue. It features Teddy with your fishing line coiled around his paw and him using a net to catch your fish…. for me.

So’s I can noms them! -nomnomnom nom-

This fishing rod is specific to this hunt and to July only. If you want it, be sure you fish it, it will vanish from the lake on August 1st.

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Hello, glowy chickie!

23 Jun

Hello, glowy chickie!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

You are not for noms <3

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For reals, I didn’t do it!

23 Jun


I thought I’d go check out Black Swan, but aside from this stating room, not much else would rez. So much lag and I already rebooted!

At least there is no one forcing a session of dings on purpose anymore. I was about to build myself a spork and go on a stabbing spree!


*cuddles Teddy* Hold me back, Teddy.. hold me back.

But honest.. I didn’t take it out on the bird.. it was like this when we got here! *holds up a paw and starts to recite…* Um… well, actually I do not know what rule fits here.. it’s not anyone’s pet at least not a pet of anyone I know, it’s not a friend, but still.. I didn’t do it! hehehehe

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WOO! third!

23 Jun

WOO! third!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

No one else was racing and I’m not really sure I raced the whole track, I kind of flew off course a few times.. but yehaw! Third!

*high paws Teddy*

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Barely hanging around a dangerous curve

23 Jun

It’s getting icy now!

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Gimpster’s Homework: Week 2

23 Jun

Yay! I finished it up :)

I’m glad I re-read the notes, I thought it was just one image but it looks like it’s three for the homework. Good practice, even if we only need one. I’ll upload them tomorrow after I have a chance to feel like they’re really done right hehe.

I went out to get a snapshot at Seal Racing to use in my homework. I’ll blog some photos I took out at the racing here in just a few moments.

Intentionally creating chat ding errors is crap.

23 Jun

You people who think it is funny to repeatedly send phrases like “ding!” or “chat error time!” or “haha stop typing/building!” to a chat group with the intention of purposely disrupting everyone elses grid time are really hacking me off. Like wow, yah you’re so funny, so entertaining, so ohmygosh I wish I was you. *hair flip*

Yeah, whatever. Jerks.

Go make a group with your friends who enjoy doing that, then ding away. Aggravate yourselves into oblivion! Don’t send these messages to groups full of other people. People who are trying to teleport, explore, send an IM, build.

Don’t get me wrong here, people send a message.. a chat error pops up, it sucks but it’s just how the grid is for now. My issue isn’t with people trying to chat or send normal message through. My issue is with the ones who are knowingly going out of their way to repeatedly spam chat with the very clear intent of causing chat errors for the rest of us with the whole purpose of destroying what we’re doing.

There’s a difference, a very big difference.

Today in and around SL…

21 Jun

Yay! People are playing way more nice today at hair fair! Lots and lots of people bald and in just tshirts/shorts. Yay you guys *high five* :) The sims are much easier to move around tonight, things are loading considerably faster too. Well faster than yesterday, but still not really fast haha

Today I didn’t do much else in SL, mostly just sat on my tower of cats and did some google searches for RL projects I need to get going on. I lived an adventurous second life today wheeee….

I am disappointed in the behavior of a few people on the SL based forums. I just don’t know what else to say about it really. I can accept that people have different opinions about everything under the sun, but it disappoints me when people get so nasty with the way they phrase their opinions out for the world to see.