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NCI BLitz: The Day

30 May

NCI BLitz: The Day, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Kaine gave us the theme "The Day" to build. We get 40 minutes, 40 prims, and a whole lot of lag to build in :)

Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit Caledon Oxbridge Village.


Control, Shift, G

30 May

Dang, I didn’t know about this till today.

After you start SL but before you log in, hit control-shift-G and you can bring up a server drop down list. Aditi is test server, the other server that starts with A is regular grid. The rest are just other servers that I don’t know what they are.

That’s way easier than having to figure out where my shortcut is for test server!

You can get rid of the list by hitting control shift g again.

A pose!

30 May

A pose!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I made one yay! This one was specially done so I could sit on my flying turtle. I’m still working on the one that lets my head move casually, but for now.. yay static pose!

Something weird happened with my butt, I need to see if there’s something weird with my animation in Qavimator. I kind of have a funny butt crack issue. Maybe I will just wear a sweater tied around my waist haha

Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit Morning Shire.

Qavimator, how do I do this please

30 May

Yay! Someone who reads maybe knows the answer I hope :)

I have Qavimator and I’m making a human pose for practice. I’ve got the body in the right position (to sit on my flying turtle vehicle) What I’d like to do now is make the head look around casually and the legs twitch just a bit.

But not all spazzy and quickly, like it’s doing now. My head is twitching around frantically. My animation head, not my real life head haha

How do I stretch it out so that it’s not happening so rapidly and will look casual?