Organizing Textures

28 May

It wears me out.

25 copies of the same floral print, each one named differently!

Thankfully I have a copy of TMat that I bought a year ago. I tried to figure it out and just couldn’t. So I rezzed it today and it had to be updated two or three times hehe. It seems much easier to use. I don’t know if it really has gotten easier to use, or if I’m just understanding how stuff like this works a bit better.

I figure if I sort the textures, that will clear out a ton of inventory. It’ll be a much larger chunk than if I try to sort through clothing or something that I don’t really have all that much of.

TMat seems to be doing a pretty good job of sorting duplicates out. I threw a ton in and it sorted 40 of the repeats out and there were no further duplicates in my “Floral” section.

Now on to plaids!

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