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Maintenence impending May 26th

25 May

URL: Maintenance Status Page

Hey! Read it so you’re prepared :)

Maintenance is scheduled to run in the early morning, So be careful with transactions and expect all the fun things that go along with maintenance times :)


Xstreet Search….

25 May

It sucks.

SL forums entertain me

25 May

A lot.

I mostly only check the official SL forums. I can’t seem to figure my way around the SLUniverse ones, partly because it’s just so difficult to read with the dark background. I keep meaning to go see if there’s a different forum skin I can use. The XStreet ones are okay at times, but mostly I just read the official ones.

I rarely post any replies. I don’t have anything useful to say and I figure whatever I would have to say, someone else will come along and say it.. and also add in some funny snarky comments as well. More better for entertainment to let someone else say it haha

(But wait.. there’s more!)

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Hey Torley

25 May

Hey Torley, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I found watermelon! and pie!

This is in the kitchen of the Slow Rezz Cafe


Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit Athena Isle.


25 May

Tunnel, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Found at Aerobreeze

Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit AeroBreeze.

Building :)

25 May

I’ve been making some textures and building a new building to put on my land. Yes! Renovation time! Not yet.. but soon. Not soon as in tomorrow soon, because I want to sculpt a few windows and maybe a roof piece or two to see if I can reduce some prims.

Right now it’s at 100 for the entire building, I can chop off at least 12 if I sculpt some window frames, the roof of my cottage, the tree part maybe so that it’s not 7 prims but maybe two or three.

Been building on it for maybe a week, at first it was just a matter of tossing down some prims and attempting various building shapes. Most of them felt just so generic. Nothing struck me as “wow this is a me building!” Then I was moving some prims and whabam! There it was!

I spent a couple days adjusting prims, removing any overlay flickering, rotating panels right so I could add windows. Then came the roof. That took a couple days.

Had a little cottage built, but again it didn’t feel like it belonged on my land. I just felt like it was a half hearted attempt at a room to put my cupcakes in! But now today I was just sticking some prims together and ended up with a cottage I am real proud of. Plenty of cupcake storage space once I sculpt a shelf to put them on! :)

I got the two pieces that I wanted rotation in, working. I had originally tried to get it to go at like a 90 degree back and forth, so I used a swing script but the effect wasn’t what I wanted. Instead I have the pieces just spinning around slowly. I like it better that way. In my brain it seemed like it’d look good if it went back and forth but once I saw it, it was goofy.

Created new textures for the walls too! I think they’re cute wallpapers.

I’m trying to hold out until July 1st for the earliest renovation possibility, since I’ve already had my SLD hunt hint updated once. I don’t want to be a hassle and require yet another update hehe. I felt bad enough about the first one, so that gives me loads of time to sculpt my furniture, windows, possibly a new ladder style, a special chair for Teddy to fish from. The essentials :) haha

Today at SS office hours, TBB handed out flower petal sculpty notecards and boat hull notecards! Woo, thank you! :) Looking forward to inspecting them and seeing just how he got his flower and boat to look like they did. It’s about time I try sculpting myself a little boat. Maybe this time I’ll try to add seating for two in it. So far my boats are just for one person. Teddy hangs over the side hhaha I’d like to eventually sculpt my flower wreath, it’d be nice to get it down to just a few prims, but I want to keep the same flower look. I’m having trouble picturing the flower petals sliced up. Maybe I should go get a few petals outside off the ground and cut them with scissors into “slices”.