My ART!!! is showing at Club Visiwa May 23 to June 7th 2009

22 May

SLURL: Lori’s Art at Club Visiwa (From May 23 till June 7th 2009)

I’m showing three pieces of art out at Club Visiwa. Please do come visit starting on the 23rd (of May!). It will run for two weeks, on display along their walkways.

Teal and Johnathon are also showing! We’re all in a row!

There’s already several lovely sets of art up, and presumably more on the way! The sim does take a bit to rez, but it’s really pretty. The texturing is awesome.

There’s some RL art, RL photography by others. I chose to feature three of my favorite SL photographs. Teal is even setting up some art as well somewhere around, haven’t actually gone to see where she walked to hehe.

If you’re interested in setting up art, check this forum post at the SL forums. It’s where I got some info, then IM one of the contacts and they’ll help you out with any other info. There’s a group spot needed as well as a notecard given with full details after you contact.

Be sure to see everyone’s work, yay ART!!

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