Playing out at Cartoon Kids

14 May

Oh yay, all sorts of cute stuff here! I tried to sit but I kind of got jammed up under the desk heehee. Tornado warning under the desk type move too. You know what I mean right?

I went to go look around at the adoption agency. I’ll need to go back ehhe, I didn’t get to see too much cause of the lag and being too sleepy. The first trip I met a few people who were real nice! The second trip I met more people who were real nice! I suddenly became someone’s little sister heehee. In cat form too! That was fun and funny! We sat by the fire, wandered in the shops, and I think she was about to adopt me to her family or something haha

I hope they don’t think I’m officially adopted, I’m a freeee kitty/kidAV! Plus I use the story that my gramma (an imaginary being, not actually a real person) is at home.. or if I’m at home on my own land I say she went to the bakery up the path haha

There really is a bakery near my house! Go see, you can’t miss it. You could throw a catbox and hit it, it’s so close. There’s a litterbox inside even!

I just can’t do the adoption thing. I totally am okay with others being adopted, I see no fault with that at all! Just for me, I can’t do it. I think it stems from the RL childhood I had, that I just can’t do it. When I think about potentially getting a virtual family, I get panicky. This fear that I do not really know the other people involved, so I don’t really know what kind of people they are in their normal lives. So instead, no adoption for me in any form!

Well wait, what am I saying? I guess I do have a family! Not in the normal SL-Adoption-Family type way though. All the tinies on the Shire are family, Valla, Johnathon, and everyone else I know gets to be my family (whether you like it or not!). That all doesn’t bother me, oddly enough. But I can’t do the whole traditional momma/daddy family setting. Can’t really explain it, but I just can’t do it.

It is flattering when people offer to adopt me though, it’s very sweet and I do appreciate that they ask. I just hope I’m successfully turning people down without hurting their feelings.

I do love visiting other peoples families though :) Especially when they have a sandbox to dig.. I mean.. play in. Mwahahaha!

I think I really do like this sim though, I’ll visit a few more times. I liked what I saw, the info they gave, the little shops I did see are super cute. They even have booths for rent! I’ve been considering renting somewhere to put my human stuff up. Don’t get much human shoppers out on the Shire hehe.

I just don’t know.. it’s a scary step, renting somewhere other than on the Shire haha

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