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11 May

Update:  I’ll leave the original post below otherwise the comments make no sense.   Cinco is right.  His comment explained why people were upset at the build tonight and I do understand now.  I truly just thought people were hassling (you know how events go around SL, there’s always something going on at an event!), but now I do understand!   My apologies, I didn’t quite understand what was going on and why people were reacting the way they did.  I truly meant no offense with my comments <3 :)

He explained what the AIDS quilt was and why it was upsetting to so many.  I do not know anyone (well, perhaps online I do and don’t realize it) but no one in person with AIDS.  I didn’t understand what the quilt was all about, but if I put it in the perspective of cancer.. I would be very upset to show up to a contest and have to be judged on if my memorial was good enough.  I wouldn’t be able to handle that, and I do wish I had known then what I know now.  Especially before I made a cat poop of myself by posting and griping!

I apologize and now I know <3



Tonight I went! Yay!

It was an unusual set of rules tonight, and a little confusing. Instead of the usual 50 prims, size of the mat, as high as you want.. we had a 12 prim limit, 2x2x1 max size. It’s because they all needed to be just the right size.

Today she gave out notecards about the SL AIDS quilt that Jase is setting up. I didn’t know what to build for a while. I ended up building a red ribbon on a striped/pokadotted quilt panel with hearts around the edge. I think it’s kind of pretty. I don’t know when they all go on display, it will be a neat thing to see I am sure when all the quilt squares are gathered up.

I do have an opinion to voice though. I thought it a bit distracting and unnecessary that a few people were making their opinions about the theme known. I rather feel that kind of thing could have been stated privately, perhaps after the event. Standing around all during it making comments at choice times didn’t seem very appropriate.

It was stated that this event had been done before by The Soj, so it just seemed to me to be disrespectful to her to be dissing on an event she once held. Not only disrespectful to everyone there, but also to the current host who was taking time out of her day to run the event.

Just my opinion, you’re entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine. I just think there’s an appropriate time to make your opinions known, and during an event doesn’t really seem to be the right time.

But hey, what do I know.. I’m just a little kitty wandering around building things!


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  1. Cinco Pizzicato May 12, 2009 at 12:14 am #

    Hi, Lorimae. I’m the guy you’re talking about. :-)

    The AIDS quilt is a project started in the ’80s to give names to the victims of the disease. Thus, an appropriate AIDS quilt panel would include the name of a person. This means that upon showing up for speed build, I was asked to consider someone I know who has/had AIDS, make a build about them, and then allow others to vote on whether my memorial build to a family member, friend, or colleague was worthy of a cash prize.

    I’m not sure why it’s hard to see this as objectionable.

    And please do not say it is disrespectful to The Sojourner to have a vocal opinion about a misguided speed build topic. You simply do not have the right.

  2. Cinco Pizzicato May 12, 2009 at 12:36 am #

    “You simply do not have the right.”

    Yah, this shouldn’t have made it through the ‘submit content’ button process. I could expand on what I should have said instead, but I’ll just apologize.

  3. Lorimae May 12, 2009 at 12:39 am #

    Ohhh, you are very right Cinco! My apologies, you do have a very good point there. I apologize sincerely, truly!


    It wasn’t actually written with you in mind :) I do appreciate the comment, and you are right. I can definitely see why you and others were voicing opinion. I don’t know anyone with AIDS but if I put it in a perspective I am dealing with, a loved one dying quickly of cancer.. I’d be irate if I felt as if my build was judged as “good enough”

    I apologize <3

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