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Lawn goose, in a box!

8 May

Lawn goose, in a box!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

New item! :)


This is the nekkid version, as the clothes aren’t ready yet. Your lawn goose will be okay all nekkid and stuff for a while.

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3 new classes in a box

8 May

3 new classes in a box, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Yay, three easy classes. Tiny shorts, tiny shoes, tiny ringer tee are boxed up and ready to go. In addition to the other four that have been available for a bit now. Still have a few more that I used to teach at TUi to sort through and get up, but not today :)

Any class you want to suggest? No promises I will create it, but I can give it a try :)

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Tshirt wrinkles

8 May

I need to just learn to make my own tshirt wrinkles. I looked at templates on XStreet but it seems so many of them have the chest area highlighted on both men and women. I don’t especially want that on my childAV. Some of the templates are great though!

I especially liked the one I saw with many small wrinkles going on. It came in several sleeve lengths too.

I’ve used Robin Sojourner’s template, but I can’t figure out how to make the jacket layer look like it actually goes with the shirt so that my knickers don’t show over my jeans haha! The jeans I wear with the dragon design are a bit low cut, and there’s a gap between the shirt and the pants. Not good!

Sooo hmm.. what to do what to do. Do I buy the templates or do I take the time to learn to do it myself. Kind of thinking that if I can figure out where a demo to view up close is at, I may just buy the templates. They have the skill and it’d take me way more time to learn than it would be to just buy the templates.

Wait.. I dunno if that last bit made sense once I put it into word form. Well.. you get the idea maybe?

Buy.. or learn.. and I could do both! Buy, make some shirts, then eventually spend time to learn. Um hum.. think that smells like a nommable plan.

I’ll let you know what I do!

Sculptures on display at Art Walk!

8 May


My robot, moon encased in winter, and a lawn goose

:) On display here until May 31st

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Oh this is better

8 May

Oh this is better, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

On display until May 31st

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Art is up!

8 May

SLURL #1: Flat Art
SLURL #2: Sculpture Garden

Mine is up, and a few others are.. the rest will be all set up by Sunday!

It runs May 10 to 31, so see it.. and enjoy it!

Cause it’s… ART!!!

So wander around, use the TP links offered by the map giver too. There’s two flat art areas and a large garden of sculptures. Take the time to wander around, maybe take a couple trips in order to see it all. The stuff that’s already up is amazing!

Chat’s broke, so I’ll blog!

8 May

Oh man how sucky!  I went AFK for noms and to watch tv, come back expecting to have lots of good stuff to catch up on and it turns out chat broke as soon as I stood up.  Oooo…. sorry about that, maybe it’s like when the neighbor’s wash their car and then it rains.  It’s their fault it rained!

Sooo.. I is sorry <3

Well today Teddy and I adventured quite a lot to previous sims we’ve visted.  Looking for new snapshots to present during Art Walk on Raglan Shire!  You are coming to see it, right?  Yah you totally are!  It’ll be on Raglan Shire for flat art and Heron Shire has the sculptures.  Well, not yet.. we start setting up on the 8th and 9th (of May of 2009, in case you’re reading this later in the future!  Hi future you!)

Then from the 10th to the 31st it’s nothing but happy art goodness!

I am excited, I have 15 flat arts all selected.  Plus I’ve got three sculptures that I’ll be showing off, instead of just the one! Yay! :)  Can’t wait.  Tomorrow I’ll pick a spot on a hedge and start lining my arts up.  I don’t know for sure if I can put a notecard giver down, or if I should go with 14 flat arts and use my 15th spot for a giver.  

So if there’s no notecard giver there, go check the sculpture area and grab it from my sculptures.  I’ll have a little sign there by them.  Or IM me and I’ll send it to you.  It has a list of the sims that Teddy and I took snapshots in if you want to go visit them and get your own neat photos.  It’ll save you the hassle of checking through Snapzilla and Flickr.  I’ll post a full list here on the blog this weekend too.

Today Ray sent me a great script, thanks!  One is a slide show script that pre-loads on the back side, and the other I’ll play with tomorrow.  It’s a linked set, like he has on his land.  Having a bit of lag while rezzing (that’s why I’m blogging and not building zzzz) so I’ll check that out tomorrow.  I’m gonna put the first one up in my house with some images.  I have a lot of snapshots and stuff that I want to display but aren’t really for the gallery.  Ranging from LOLcat pictures to images other’s have sent me (which are gallery worthy, but I feel odd putting someone elses snapshot in my own art section hehe)  Plus a few images I’ve taken that just aren’t good lighting or whatever.

Went to VAA Haiku blitz, and I got 2nd!  WOO!  Thanks guys :)  I’ll have that sculpture on display during art walk too.  You can see it all this week up at the VAA Blitz area too, along with everyone elses neato builds!  Four of us tinies built tonight (just four, right?)  Karma, Misa, Rizzo, and me!  Good stuff :) 

You will go see them all, or I will nomz yer anklez while you are lagging and crying about chat being broke.

I’ve almost got a new set of classes ready to go too.  They’re just three easy classes on making some basic tiny clothing.  It’s for another project, but I’m gonna release them into boxes as well sometime maybe this week or next.  I want to preview the notes a couple more times before calling it final.

Lots of new photos up on Flickr today.  (scroll to the bottom of the blog and you can click to go see)