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VAA Haiku Blitz

7 May

VAA Haiku Blitz, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Today’s haiku is:

In all this cool
is the moon also sleeping?
there, in the pool?

Go see all the beautiful entries! Several different interpretations of the haiku are on display :)

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Art for Art Walk!

7 May

I’ve just finished picking out the 15 pieces I’ll display for the Raglan Shire art walk that starts on May 10th.  Some photos are new from today, I did some re-visits to places to get better shots.  Others are from within the last month or so.

I’m excited :)  It was tough finding 15 that looked nice together.  The 15th is still possibly being swapped out.  14 of the photos are full of color and that last one is pale and bright on a white background.  I’ll have to think about it for a little while.  Setup begins tomorrow I think, so I’ve got time to decide between it or another one from my photo pile.

I think it might be time for me to build an actual building to house my snapshots.  Right now I have a few inside and outside my house boat, and a few more lined up on the dock.  Now I have about 10 new ones I want to display and there’s really no good way to toss them out for viewing without it looking like I just threw them on the ground

Hi, I’m Teddy

7 May

Hi, I’m Teddy, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Whatcha doin?

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Where is Wintergarden of Dreams?

7 May

Where did it go?

I was just there 15 days ago on a tour, they were renovating and adding more things. Not only to Wintergarden of Dreams but to Summergarden of Dreams too. They were talking about some renovations on the way even, during the tour.

The LM I made while there worked the last time I tried but today it drops me in a adult mature flagged brothel of some sorts! Ack! Definitely not the place I was at just recently.  

I can’t remember the name of the two who gave us the tour. I can’t remember who the two tour guides/owners were so I could check their profile.  Does anyone know?  Did the sim move or has it completely vanished?

I’m sad that I didn’t get back there sooner to get more photos.  I only have three.  One of the tour group, one of the tree, and one of Teddy and I dressed up in winter clothing on the sim.

Windlight Preset Samples

7 May

Over on Flickr I saw in Torley’s photo stream this: Windlight Preset Samples

It’s made by Kero Nishi and you can see them all over on Kero’s site too. Labeled and shown with a photo using the setting.

It’s a spectacular photo list of the various advanced windlight settings you can use. You’ll need to download Torley’s V2 set in order to have them all available. Then install it, of course :)

This will be so useful while taking pictures! I spend so much time flipping through the various settings and trying to find the right one for the right scene.

Thanks Torley and Kero!