HUD tips that I remember now

6 May

Woo! I’m remembering. The initial shock of all the buttons is a bit.. wow. It’s a little less scary to look at today than it was last week.

On the left side of the hud is Sculpt Studio written vertically. That’s the same as if you touch the workpad to bring the blue menu up.

That alone is saving me a lot of aggravation of continually arranging my camera back and forth. I love it, if I learn nothing else with the hud.. this alone is worth wearing it.

Then I remembered something else he’d taught us about using the sculpt studio hud.

If for example you have 32 slices rezzed. Instead of finding slice 0 and clicking it with your mouse on the slice and doing From Here and then slice 31 and doing To Here… nay, my friend.. do this instead!

On your hud you see how it goes 0 (at the bottom) up vertically to 31 (at the top, obviously hehe) Well left click on zero and hold, drag up to the 31 and let go.

It lights up quickly in pink and the menu pops up with what do you want to do with 0 to 31. Or whatever range you did.

That is awesome!

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