hah, my dog is gonna barf

5 May

I hop around in a circle and he’s hanging on for dear life.

Waiting on the trivia village to rez so I can check it out!

I think I might try to go to a trivia session. It looked great after it rezzed. There’s games and it’s all very spacious. They have an events board there too kind of off to the direction my dog is threatening to barf haha!

Inside there is some lovely art too, at the very least go and check out that.

It’s been a long time since I went to a trivia event, the last time I can remember was just sort of weird. It was trivia which was nice the first coupel times I went. Then after that they started doing themed events, and it got real weird, real fast. I wasn’t there as a child av, so it wasn’t that kind of weird.. but still too weird for me haha

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