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More at MaxMoney

5 May

More at MaxMoney, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.


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Oh, this chicken..

5 May

Oh, this chicken.., originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I found another chicken to photograph!

eek.. it’s a killer.

There’s blood in the cage, there’s human bones, and only one chicken. I didn’t see the owner around, so um.. maybe chickie needs a new owner?

I do not volunteer. For I am not noms.

But this one is very cute, he’s solid black with a really neat glow about him. This is the first chicken I think I’ve seen that had a sparkly effect about him.

Now I’m on the search to find and photograph more like this one.

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hah, my dog is gonna barf

5 May

I hop around in a circle and he’s hanging on for dear life.

Waiting on the trivia village to rez so I can check it out!

I think I might try to go to a trivia session. It looked great after it rezzed. There’s games and it’s all very spacious. They have an events board there too kind of off to the direction my dog is threatening to barf haha!

Inside there is some lovely art too, at the very least go and check out that.

It’s been a long time since I went to a trivia event, the last time I can remember was just sort of weird. It was trivia which was nice the first coupel times I went. Then after that they started doing themed events, and it got real weird, real fast. I wasn’t there as a child av, so it wasn’t that kind of weird.. but still too weird for me haha

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Marriage, Babies, Divorce?

5 May

I was just in a beautiful wedding planner shop. Nicely done, very clear signs on what packages include. Then I started thinking about the prim babies and the maternity wards. Then I thought well.. if people get married, have kids, pets, homes.. why not divorce?

So I searched divorce an there’s an SL divorce attorney! I haven’t gone to look yet. How funny that there’s only one though.

How funny that there’s even one at all haha!


5 May

*sniff*, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.


SLD Hunt #531 Prize

5 May

SLD Hunt #531 Prize, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.


Lookie, he’s so cute! It’s a sculpty puppy in a sculpty bag with sculpty tulips. Ohmygosh yay! I has a puppy :)

This prize is from Sculpty Creations

The entire shop is stunning, the textures are amazing and the sculpties are amazing.. I loves it.

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Treasure hunting

5 May

Today I’m hunting some on the SL Discovery Hunt.

I’m shop 381! Shoes for human females (but hey if you guys wanna wear, I won’t mind!) and a dress/hat combo for tinies.

I’ve jumped around a bit in the hunting, but last night I started at 1. I figure the initial crowd has done moved on into the 150-200 range by now probably so I should be okay to start at 1.

You can start anywhere in the list that you want though. Don’t feel like you must start at 1. If a shop is too full, too laggy, sim’s restarting.. just choose another.

There’s a group to join for the hunt too, there’s a joiner sign at some of the shops (mine has the join sign if you’re looking for it)

Ohh! Look at these two

5 May

Ohh! Look at these two, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This is two of the houses on display at the home show :)
I loves them <3

The texturing is fabulous!

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Home Show for RFL

5 May

Home Show

It is four sims of homes, furniture, and plants to make your place all homey and stuff! It’s great. The talent out here is just absolutely amazing. There are some raffles being done daily and there’s an auction spot in the next sim (right next to where this LM hopefully takes you)

You even get a gift bag for buying a raffle ticket! Neat! I don’t know what I got yet though.

The money all goes to RFL and as you fly around checking the vendor booths, I think every one of them had at least one if not several RFL vendors where all proceeds go right into the charity fund.

Definitely worth a look :)

I picked up several LMs to go check the main shops too. It was fun! I’ll post up some photos here in a moment too of my trip out here.

There’s also some live events scheduled to happen, singing, looks like some classes maybe. I don’t see the classes listed in event search though, bleh.. I wanted to be sure to attend!

Where is this? It’s Max Money sim!

5 May
Update:  It’s the Max Money Sim
(Thank you Solo and Azelle! Yay!  Teddy and I will have an adventure later!)

I posted it up on Flickr and over on the Raglan Shire forums. Hopefully someone can recognize this sim and send me a LM please? :)

Does anyone happen to know where this is?

Whatever that is in the background definitely needs to be investigated! :)