4,000 items, poof!

3 May

And not because of a bug!

I cleaned out 4,000 items or so tonight.  Hopefully I didn’t delete anything good.  Most of it was just crap in my trash can already.  I forget when I delete stuff while building that’s where it goes, so there was a LOT of “object” heehee.

So that’s all gone, plus tons of outfits that I picked up in early 2008 that I cannot possibly go around wearing as a tiny or as a child av!  I wouldn’t wear them as an adult human av either for that matter.

Then sadly the ones that are not resizable, so the skirts don’t fit so I tossed those too.  Whabam!  It adds up!  Plus I threw all my 7seas into their proper boxes (that’s what the glowing rainbow worm type thing is behind me in one of those January 2008 photos.  It’s my fish storage :)

I dump my extras in a row of boxes by my shop down on the ground, btw.  The ones up here are stuff I need to sort.  I’m keeping one of each and going to throw the rest into those boxes at lake level one of these days.

Well I feel successful, tomorrow I’ll do it again!  I think if I clear out landmarks and get rid of all the duplicates and the sims I’ll never visit, or even the sims that no longer exist.. that might clear out a whole chunk of inventory.

That was a fun adventure, if I find anything fun on the next round I’ll get photos again! :)

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