Crazy Hats for us!

1 May

Crazy Hats for us!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Teddy and I are dressing up for the NCI party

Teddy’s hat is one of my builds, I think it is from a class I took by Floradora out either at Crackerbox or CSK? I can’t be sure,I don’t know what the notes were named.. but it was sometime last year.

My hat is super awesomesaucem! It’s from a hunt last year at Happy Style Mall, made by koto Enoch. It rocks! I don’t know what else koto sells,

You can not haz my cheezebrgr. NO!

My frying pan (to keep you away) is made by Bloodsong Termagant

I will smack you in the knee… >=)

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