Today is hat day!

30 Apr

Yah totally!

I’m working it out in my head a little. I got the round dome part of a hat. Now I’m pondering the brim.

Hmm…. hmm indeed, my friend. I SAID HMMM!

Well I think I have an idea on the prim, maybe two brim versions, plus an idea on making a cape style goose coat too.

So many things I could sculpt and so little time in a day! I think I will have to sculpt my flower wreath. That thing is about 100 prims. If I did each flower as one prim, then I could create a texture and still be able to colorize it whenever I want.

Then there’s always the possibility of sculpting Teddy. I think that I could do that now. Last week I didn’t think I could, but this week I think I can!

*shuffles around muttering, I think I can, I think I can* ~zap~

Then later Teddy and I are taking an adventure because we haven’t had one in a few days it seems like. I think we’ll head out to the hobo train tracks like Solo suggested on the Steam Train Museum blog entry earlier this week!

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