Bad cat enjoys the threads.

30 Apr

I get a lot of entertainment by reading some of the threads over on the official SL forums. I think maybe I get a lot more laughs from a thread than I really should. Some of the threads aren’t even supposed to be funny and here I am laughing. I am a bad kitty.

Please don’t deny me my noms. I’ll try not to laugh at your posts when they aren’t meant to be funny, but I can’t guarantee that I refrain from giggle-fits at all times. Especially if you’re being ridiculous where the world can see.

I haven’t been reading the other SL type forums much at all, I need to start checking those out too. Bet they’re full of the funny too!

Sometimes I am stunned at what people will post about. At times the threads continue long after the horse was buried and mourned. We’ve bought a new horse since then, don’t kill this one too!

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