Sculpted lawn goose project

29 Apr

I love lawn gooses in RL! So I need one in SL too, to dress up and name, and make people greet when they come over.

Wheee.. this is what I have so far!

Made in Sculpt Studio 6.0

7 prims total

The rock base is one sculpt
The legs are one total
The body is one
The eyes are two sphere prims
The beak is two separate prims, one for top beak one for bottom

I’m wanting to make him a bunch of outfits too, but I’m practicing with mirror, curve, and b-spline to figure out the best way to make the first outfit though. I’m practicing with blacksmith3d too so I can just draw the eyes on (and draw on all the outfits too).

(p.s. the background mat is my sculpt studio workspace texture yay, it’s cute with paw prints on it)

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