Creepy and funny

29 Apr

Wait before I go to bed, I gotta blog about this. It’s gross and funny and creepy all at the same time.

I saw a post about a kid’s mall. I thought hey cool, another kid’s themed mall I haven’t seen or heard of. That’s not saying much that I hadn’t heard of it before, I don’t really travel around to the childAV themed malls much until recently. Quite honestly, I’m afraid to go.. never sure what mall is really meant as fun and what ones are lures by creepy weirdos. I wait till someone else refers me to the malls usually.

So yeah, I thought before I go I’ll search it (low traffic, lots of family/kids type keywords) and then search the poster’s name too. Holy crap! That is one mall I won’t even think about visiting after seeing the profile!

It weirds me out when someone associates themselves both with a childAV related project (such as the mall they posted about) and has an incredibly adult profile. I’m not kidding it really does creep me out. Maybe it stems from the RL childhood I had, but it really weirds me out when people mix the two like that. This profile was way over the top. Way more adult than any other profile I think I’ve ever seen haha.

I don’t get out of the PG type areas much :)

I’m terrible, I laughed a lot at part of the profile. I have never seen anyone’s profile advertise RL phone chats before. Given the rest of the profile, and how that part was worded, I can only assume that it is for dirty chat haha. Is that a common thing to do among the extremely adult themed social circles of SL, to advertise yourself like that?

When I saw it it in the profile, it reminded me of those young girls on Maury who will do anything with an older man for a cheeseburger or a new pair of shoe strings. Yah, I so watch Maury. Wanna make something of it? *fluffs up and hisses a little* Haha!

I’m grossed out and entertained all at the same time! I’m curious as to what’s really there.. is it really a mall or is it a front? I don’t know but I’m not curious enough to go look though haha

Now I’m really going to sleep, if I can stop laughing!

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