Kitties and Corgis at A.I. Friends

27 Apr

URL: A.I. Friends Blog
SLUR: A.I. Friends Shop #2

(You can find Shop #1 linked from their blog, I forgot to make a LM to it)

I want one! Which one? I don’t know! :)

Kitty, puppy, what color.. eeeeek! Or do I go with another creator’s kitty or puppy! I just don’t know *rolls around in a ball thinking*

A.I. Friends makes some of the cutest kitties and corgis I ever seen in SL. I’ve always wanted a puppy to wander around my land, but it kind of makes me nervous when the dog is twice my size. He might eat me while I’m afk, or start digging around in my catboxes. No dog, bad dog, not for noms!

Well these are little and cute. The manual is in spanish and translating it doesn’t really clear up my questions. Does anyone have one and could answer a few questions?

Do I have to buy extra food? I saw the food boxes for sale at the one shop, wasn’t sure if that was just for cute looks or if it is necessary (as is needed for sionchickens)

My kitty/puppy won’t die if I pick him up, right?

Will they roam around properly on land that is bumpy? I have my terrain a bit wobbly. It’s not super flat like a golf course :)

This is a question actually for all the virtual pets including these, are they simply roaming in a range around a prim placed down.. like a radius around or do you actually choose the paths?

For example, on my land I have the houseboat that has a wooden plank to walk across from the boat to the dock, would the virtual pets (by any creator at all) walk across that and avoid the water? Or would it be more like if that fell within the scope of the center prim range? Would they fall into the water and be unable to climb out of my storage pit?

Did that make sense?

Lots of questions.. mwahaha..

Now I need SL to hork up my snapshots! I took a super cute one of a sleepy cat. *clings to SL’s head* Give it up!


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  1. Dakota Rosca May 1, 2009 at 2:54 pm #

    Actually, I think the creator is Japanese, not Spanish.

    1) Extra food is not required, unlike those neeeeeedy chickens. However, if you feed them – along with bathing. playing with them. and letting them run in free mode to play and sleep on their own – they’ll grow.
    2) Unlike those neeeeeedy chickens, they won’t die if you pick them up. They’ll probably even like it if you wear them on your shoulder.
    3) It depends on how bumpy the terrain is. If they can’t climb over a hill, they’ll probably just run off somewhere else to play.
    4) For the A.I. Friends pets, it will run around randomly in a 20m radius from wherever you set it to “free mode.” I’d probably recommend you didn’t set that any closer to your pier than 20m.

    For other pets, it varies. For example, VKC dogs can be set to roam in selected spaces from 10sqm to an entire sim. VKC dogs can also be taught to swim when they reach water. Zooby’s are similar but, as far as I know, they won’t go into water. However, most virtual pets will definitely jump over the edge of your skyhouse very easily, some even if there’s a fence. The VKC dogs LOVE to chase up to scripted objects and people to greet them, sometimes forgetting about that 700m drop. :-) Fortunately, most virtual pets aren’t as fragile as and won’t die like the sionChickens.

    Hope this helps! And looking forward to seeing the pics!

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