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26 Apr

Today he’s shown us a bit with b-splines, made a water droplet, and is showing us custom slices.

There was a lot asked and a lot answered. I’m not feeling completely lost, but I am somewhat confused hehe. The whole part about custom sculpty slices was a bit over my head. I get it a little, but not really. I think that once I get used to the whole program I’ll find a project that I need custom slices like that for.

I understand b-splines just a teensy bit more. When he made the water drop you see there about 1/3 of the way down the photo, it made a bit more sense than the last few times I’ve seen them in action.

I will try those out tomorrow.

Then I posed the question of how to pinch up some cat ears on a balloon, so that it’s all one smooth piece. You know, how a real balloon would be yeah? I didn’t quite understand the answers, but I wrote them down and I’ll try them this week too.

The 6.0 sculpt studio is out of beta woohoo! I updated my workspace just a bit ago, put my notecards back in. I need to go through the tutorial page and see what all I need to delete again to make it like it was.

I do not understand the whole remote control thing. Tomorrow I should spend some time figuring it out. I had it rezzed, then I wore it.. but the thing is huge so I think I will not use it as a hud. It gets in my creative space haha

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