The string

21 Apr

Hmm.. this is tough.  I can’t get mine to do like the lesson says.

<a href=”“>Lesson 5, the String</a> (scroll down a bit)

So I rez my slices, using mybox, and that’s going good so far.
Then it says “set 1-30” and I just assumed that meant from here to there?
So then I set it to circle.
Edit frame, auto adjust.  I don’t get the same size, I think mine is 1.990 (not 1.996)

Then I do the pull a slice over and here’s where I’m confused again.
Click slice, edit slice, resize slice.

Does that mean touch it (left click), then choose the edit slice, so the wee dots pop up?
Then do I right click, and edit like if I was editing a normal prim and adjust the size?
Then it says to close the slice, so that’s why I figured I should left click to bring the wee dots up.

*wobbles in agony*

I don’t get it.

So then I do that, reload the mycircle (instead of the original circle) and…. no.
It loads, but then when I redo the frame, the frame is now 1.994 instead of 2.0


It makes my brain cramp.  It can’t be this hard haha.

I will give it a few more tries, then ask on the sculpt group.  I just hate to ask if it’s something I’m misreading.  I think the tutorial kind of skips into fancy terms suddenly.  I don’t quite know what “set slice” means and I looked over the previous lessons and don’t see where it was noted.  It might be though.

I do have a second balloon that’s not lumpy now though :) YAY!

When I get the string made, then I’ll have two balloons!

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