Fishing rod and sculpt studio today

21 Apr

I’m fixing me up a custom fishing rod for 7seas! Wheee! Time to ditch the generic and go for custom!

I think I’ve fit on what I want for this version, and it gives me a nice base to work from for future customs that I’ll toss in my lake box. Teddy has ideas.

Having fun, wins the day!

I had fun today doing sculpt studio lessons, it was frustrating but very fun. It is good stuff. Tomorrow I will try some random sculpting, maybe try to sculpt a few more shapes, or better yet maybe some funny shaped balloons. Then you guys can have those too.

Balloon #1 is free to copy at my house if you’d like it, there’s no hold script or anything but you can stick it on your property or carry it around in your toes if that’s what you like haha

I don’t have the other one up yet, haven’t decided on a final color. I’ll try to put it up tonight or tomorrow, and then you guys can copy that one too.

Just right click on the balloon, and do Take Copy (or you might have to choose “More” and then Take Copy) I forget.

Then take pictures, put them online and leave the links as a comment so I can see!

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