Today, we adventure again!

19 Apr

Those photos were from yesterday’s travels.  We also went to a class with Valla, took a few more photos at NCI’s party (you can see them at Flickr, just click any of my other images to go there), and fished at a couple more places.

Today there’s open office hours for TheBlack Box and his sculpt studio.  Eek I cannot wait.  I think today I’ll get my own copy.  I’ve been debating if I could really make use of it, and the answer is YES.

The first tutorial on the wiki is to make a balloon, how fun!  See?  Click there, and look it over.  It makes far more sense to me now than it did before I attended last week’s office hours and a couple (maybe 3?) classes so far about the program.  It’s still not totally clear, but I’m getting it now I think.

The hours are at 2pm SL today, I think.  Last week it was on Dreams Classroom 1, if the LM in event search doesn’t take you there then try Dreams Classroom 1 hehe.  Out on Dreams, of course.  I can send you a LM too if you want one.

But not yet, I need to go  mop my RL kitchen.  I don’t have a SL kitchen, I think I need to build me and Teddy at least an ez-bake style oven so we can keep making cupcakes at least!  We just chill the milk in the window haha

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