Second Life Master Jeweler?

19 Apr

Hmm.. it’s very confusing. Are there two schools both saying they teach master jeweler courses?  Or is it one school with an outbranch of a quicker pace and less details covered?  I’m confused, man! There is the one that I know of, I remember her holding intro meetings (I forget the word) but you go, she answers any questions, and you find out the fee and all that. It’s somewhere around 35k linden for the entire course.  That’s the one that I want to take someday.  I’ve been advised in the past by others who’ve taken it that you can easily make your  money back.  I’m sure I could, but coughing it up is kind of painful to start with eek!

Then tonight in a group someone mentioned they teach master jeweler too, and I’m confused. I don’t understand why the fees are cheaper for the same class.  It seems to be the same class, sort of.   I guess it’s no different than if I teach a house building class, and someone teaches another at CSK and another is taught at NCI and another is taught out of your back yard to your friends. It’s all houses, all different, all various prices..but it’s definitely not the same class.  I think this is the same thing, it’s the same theme.. but not the same courses maybe?  If that makes any sense…

I don’t need to take a class that teaches me how to open my edit window, I know how to do that haha.  Is the shorter/cheaper class cutting all of that stuff out and assuming you haz mad edit skillz, y0?  Run by the same main branch, or is this two totally different independent things?

I could just IM the teachers I guess, but I don’t want to imply I’m interested in joining.. because I don’t have the lindens and I don’t really want to cough up the US$ for it hehe.

It’s just very confusing.   I don’t understand. The one says they are the original from TUi but I thought the other one was since they always were at TUi with their signs.  I guess the best thing to do is forget about it and play with making jewelry on my own. I’ve taken the nano prim class at NCI! Yeah, NCI! *high five*  It’s a great class, I highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t into jewelry, it’s great for wires, whiskers, or whatever other tiny bits you need to make.

I’m confused by the two different classes that seem to be run by two different schools, teaching at different speeds.  I’m visiting both shops, pretty jewelry at both.  At least what I see from what rezzes.  SL is being poo today.

I can’t bring myself to spend that much linden on either set of courses, so I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m confused or not :)  I’m not paying for either one right now hehe  (I’m still confused though!)  Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not dissing on anyone.. I hope it doesn’t sound like I am.  I’m just not sure which of them I should take in the event I hit the linden jackpot or some rich land baron decides to pay  Teddy’s tution hahaha

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