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VAA Haiku Blitz April 30, 2009

30 Apr

50 minutes to use 50 prims to build whatever we like based off a haiku given that day :)

Today’s Haiku:
The moment two bubbles
are united, they both vanish.
A lotus blooms.

All the builds are on display until next Wednesday, so come see!

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Bad cat enjoys the threads.

30 Apr

I get a lot of entertainment by reading some of the threads over on the official SL forums. I think maybe I get a lot more laughs from a thread than I really should. Some of the threads aren’t even supposed to be funny and here I am laughing. I am a bad kitty.

Please don’t deny me my noms. I’ll try not to laugh at your posts when they aren’t meant to be funny, but I can’t guarantee that I refrain from giggle-fits at all times. Especially if you’re being ridiculous where the world can see.

I haven’t been reading the other SL type forums much at all, I need to start checking those out too. Bet they’re full of the funny too!

Sometimes I am stunned at what people will post about. At times the threads continue long after the horse was buried and mourned. We’ve bought a new horse since then, don’t kill this one too!

Groups a little broke?

30 Apr

This is about 3pm SL, but been going on for at least an hour I’d say. I only just now noticed it because I’ve finished exploring for a bit and realized it’s super quiet haha

Not all are broken but I kind of feel like some are.. some groups aren’t saying a word. Is it just too early for the chatter or am I buggy?


I do see some on Midnight Mania, but definitely not the usual amount (usually they are really… really.. and boy howdy do I mean really.. busy). The rest aren’t popping up unless I open them myself and even then, nothing is said.

I sent a message to Raglan but still waiting on it to arrive. *kicks chat*

Is it just me.. or is it really just quiet today in the groups I’m in? I don’t even see anything in the NCI chat when I had it open. I closed it since I assumed it’s buggy too.

help help!

30 Apr

help help!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

No wait, just kidding! Teddy didn’t really get hurt.

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The goose gang!

30 Apr

The goose gang!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Teddy is very bored with the conversation.

NCI Blitz: HOT

30 Apr

NCI Blitz: HOT, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This was a tough blitz! I didn’t know what to build so I did some flaming marshmallows near a bonfire.

There were all sorts of great builds. Hot air balloon, ant being fried under a magnify glass, asteroid coming to earth, the sun, someone spelled “hot” and did itup all cool with flames and stuff, someone did a desert scene, another did a funny “out of the frying pan and into the fire” type build, I don’t really know what Annie’s was (sorry Annie!) but maybe welding for gems? Let’s see.. three more.. oh yeah the wicked witch of the west being set on fire with fish sticks I think, and some sort of monster with I think a hotdog on a stick maybe and there was one more.. but I don’t remember what it was but I am certain it was great!

It was fun and very challenging!

Tonight is VAA’s Haiku blitz, if I don’t forget I will try to attend that one. I haven’t been in a long time eek!


30 Apr

Today Teddy and I went out to Calleta

There’s trains, and old cars, and grubby stuff. Lots of garbage piled up too by the water, it’s pretty nommable. I highly recommend it! There’s a freebies section over by the used cars and also some freebies near the main train line up too!

We saw some really neat trains!choo choo

Teddy and I find some trains

Then we played some Go Fish

Go Fish?

I ate too much garbage and had to take a nap.

Too much noms

Teddy liked this one because it has character.

Teddy likes that one

This is the car I like! It has noms!

I like this one!

Then we left!

I might need a shot

Gone Fishing Hunt: Last Day!

30 Apr

Last day for you to catch the Gone Fishin’ Hunt fish in my lake on Morning Shire. I’m removing it from the lake on May 1st when I get up, so wakey wakey and get to fishin if you want it!

The next one is in July I think, yay! There will be a new special edition custom for the next hunt :)

Today is hat day!

30 Apr

Yah totally!

I’m working it out in my head a little. I got the round dome part of a hat. Now I’m pondering the brim.

Hmm…. hmm indeed, my friend. I SAID HMMM!

Well I think I have an idea on the prim, maybe two brim versions, plus an idea on making a cape style goose coat too.

So many things I could sculpt and so little time in a day! I think I will have to sculpt my flower wreath. That thing is about 100 prims. If I did each flower as one prim, then I could create a texture and still be able to colorize it whenever I want.

Then there’s always the possibility of sculpting Teddy. I think that I could do that now. Last week I didn’t think I could, but this week I think I can!

*shuffles around muttering, I think I can, I think I can* ~zap~

Then later Teddy and I are taking an adventure because we haven’t had one in a few days it seems like. I think we’ll head out to the hobo train tracks like Solo suggested on the Steam Train Museum blog entry earlier this week!

Goose coat #1!

30 Apr

Goose coat #1!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Oh yay! I figured out how to make a coat! In the photo I caught a small error and fixed it, so the copy I’ll upload tomorrow will not have any bits poking out about the neck area.

I am so happy with how it came out! I originally wanted to make it sort of a wrap around coat, connected only at the neck, so that’s a future project. I couldn’t figure out how to make end 0 to end 31 curve around like a “C”. It was giving me a headache so I went with plan b :) I like it a lot.

Today the goose struts his stuff in a pink rain slicker with lovely pink flower accent. hah! Yay! The underside is hollow even! Tomorrow I work on a hat to complete the set.

Oh look, Teddy is embarassed today, he ducked out of the shot.

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