SleggHunt observation

24 Mar

(UPDATE:  April 2010 – Guys!  You all are finding this in search I guess, this was written two years ago in 2008 according to the “published by”  I thought I wrote it in 2009 but I guess not hehe!  Opinion still stands, but for 2010 so far the eggs with prizes have been great!  So go find yourself some eggs, there’s a ton this year.  You can start with  my place on  Morning Shire!  Check around the fishing area.)  :)

When you lay an egg down for this hunt, why do you put in freebie items that are free grid-wide already.  Putting in mega businesses in a box when you sell lovely, and low linden priced clothing is just silly.  You could have probably made a sale if the freebie skirt you could have offered had fit my kid AV.  Why not offer up a tshirt maybe with your shop name, I’d of worn it!  Or better yet, rather than the freebie everyone has and throws away, just do no prize at all.  No prize is very acceptable too!  In fact, I don’t expect a prize, I just expect to not get my bags filled with those ultra common freebies.

Instead, I won’t be back to your shops.

I find it annoying and humorous that some shops are so beautiful, great products for sale, then they throw in something like a Totally Clear transparent texture.  Businesses in a box, freebies that I can get off NCI Kuula’s free board, and things like that… I dunno, I find it funny that they’d do that.

It lowers my opinion of your business just a bit when your eggs are jammed with freebie prizes you picked up at a nearbie Freebie Wall or freebie repository sim.

A no prize egg is lovely, a prize egg with neat prizes are great, and a prize egg with freebie stuff you didn’t even make is just lame.

I’ve gotten about 8 of those BMX bikes that are floating around the freebie camps.  My little tiny paws can’t reach the pedals. Mew!  I don’t want a business in a box, I don’t want the 10,000 textures box over and over.
To the shops who do no prize, or do their own creations in the egg.  THANK YOU!  You make this kitty a happy kitty.

P.S.  Remove the obnoxious ban lines or don’t set an egg out of camera’s reach!


2 Responses to “SleggHunt observation”

  1. Nite Zelmanov March 25, 2008 at 12:12 am #

    That’s for playing the hunt, Lorimae. Your observation about the quality of some prizes has been mentioned by other players as well. I’m going to make sure that the sponsors hear this reasoning.

  2. lorimaeundercroft March 27, 2008 at 9:59 am #

    Thank you Nite! Wow I was shocked to see a reply from you hehehe

    I thought only a handful of people from Kuula read hehe

    Great hunt, gonna set some time today to go find some more eggs!

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