RL is busy

9 Sep

Haven’t been on much other than to take care of rents and getting Raglan U info so I can post classes. My RL is busy. In the rare times when my lupus and fibromyalgia is not as bad, I have to take advantage of that. When it all kicks back in, I’ll be relegated to sitting or in bed much of the time and then I’ll be active in SL a lot I am sure! It sucks when it gets worse, but usually I can do sitting things like computer, small hand crafts, tv. Still, when it’s eased off for a bit.. it is nice to feel more like a normal person for just a short while.

It’s a busy time this summer especially, I’m doing a lot more canning than usual! Soups, chilis, jams, jellies.. some for Christmas gifts, the rest to have on hand for when I do get too sick, and it’s not an if.. it’s just a when.. I won’t have to worry about cooking as much if it’s all in jars already yippie! My husband can cook, but he doesn’t know how to make the chicken soup properly and I cannot explain how to make it… I just.. make it :) So I’ll pre-can a ton of it nomnomnomnom. Soup for all!

I misses everyone <3 But, just for now, I don't know how many good days I have left, I have to take all I can get and use each day wisely until I am too sick again. I can feel myself wearing out quicker each day this week unfortunately, so I am afraid my fun is soon to come to a screeching halt. Bleh. But hey, then I'll be in SL and that is almost always fun, minus the lag and crashes haha

I have been keeping up with some of the latest drama on SLUniverse. It's hard to keep up, most of it seems to be about Emerald. That was interesting to follow! I'm lost though, not really sure what's going on other than if I read it right.. Emerald isn't an allowed viewer? I use SnowGlobe.


Boots and the copter

17 Jul

Boots and the copter, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This is my friend Boots and his latest copter. He probably doesn’t have it anymore, never known a beaver who loses so much vehicles before haha

Bunnies in a row

17 Jul

Bunnies in a row, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

New textures!

13 Jul

New! I put three new sets in the dollhouse. All three are alpha sets, yay! Using brushes by punksafetypin and Jupiter.

Also I’m preparing a prize for the upcoming august hunt “Summer Doesn’t End” that I’ll be participating in. I’ll have more info about that in the next few days I am sure. It starts August 1st! The theme is a fun one, there’s two ways I can go with it.. so still debating exactly what to do for my prize I’ll give out.

Going to work on the TextureMania hunt (as a hunter) this week too. There’s a prize for that hunt to find in my dollhouse too, if you haven’t been yet. I have not had time or energy yet to hunt, maybe tonight a little. There’s still also the Gone Fishin’ hunt, so grab a 7seas rod and go fishing for the prize. No bait needed.

P.S. Don’t poop in my pool, that means YOU!

The last few days have been very difficult in RL, today is.. not so bad surprisingly. I am holding up pretty okay I think for now. Keeping busy getting the house ready for family to visit soon, and finishing up some embroidery projects.

I keep trying to find a way to incorporate my RL crafts into some SL textures, but eh.. instead what I end up with is saying “ooo this brush/font/pattern would be so cute if I print it out and embroider it to hang on the wall!” So I never make any progress to figuring out how I’d bring some embroidery in-grid. I think I need to practice my path usage in GIMP, use the stitch brush I have and just create some virtual embroidery for you guys to use. That will be fun, I think.

Another p.s. Thank you to everyone who’s been so full of kindness the last few days (well, you guys are always nice, but this past week.. it has been so helpful) <3 <3 <3

Leave me logged in!

10 Jul

ARGH! Every time I go to the secondlife.com site I have to log back in! This is a new change in the last couple days I think. I used to stay logged in at least for the day. Dang it, leave me logged in! The way I see it is this.. if people are careless enough to leave themselves logged in while on a public computer and total strangers start messing about in their account, that’s their problem. Quit being careless and log yourself out, you can do it. Sure I could just click, then type my name and password in, then click submit. But. Let them log out and you can stop logging me out, k? Great, this is settled!

So leave me logged in! *shakes a paw fist angrily*

Four times I visit the site today, four times I gotta log in. Super annoying.

*marches with a sign that says “Leave me logged in!”*

Gonna start punching a few people in the shins to get someone to notice I want to stay logged in. Lay on the ground so I can kick you in the nose with a paw!

p.s. Leave me logged in!

Goodnight <3

Tiny Swagtastic Weekend!

9 Jul

This post has several things going on.

First: Tiny Swagtastic Weekends! They held it last week but I was out of town, so this is my first week (and 2nd week of Swagtastics) so how exciting. All the participating Tiny merchants are putting an item marked down to 50 $L for the weekend. Wait wait.. keep reading.

I know most of you see “Tiny? Pfft” cause you’re all human and stuff. Wait though. I dunno what is available from the others yet, but mine is textures. So this week you’ll be able to get a set of textures marked down from 75 to 50 $L. So come shop, I’ll have it set by 8pm SL tonight. It runs all weekend till late Sunday night.

I know which textures already, it’s set up on the 2nd floor of the dollhouse on the little table. You can join the group by clicking the sign under the table too btw. Groupless group! Then you’ll get the updated list so you can check all the shops involved. You can also see which textures I plan to offer starting tonight too.

Next up: Lack of adventures. Last week with vacation, and this week my husband managed a couple more days off. Yay! Our original plan was to go be tourists in a neighboring town haha but instead, we’re doing a couple home repair projects. I am sooooooo excited about them too. I’ll tell you later Valla, it’s great and I built something woohoo. P.S. My rhubarb must of been a dud, nothing’s happening. I’ll try again next year yay! I keep meaning to tell you but I always forget.

Last thing for now: Do not forget, I am in two treasure hunts. One you need to fish the prize up using 7seas rod (no bait needed) and the other you’ll need to hunt around my shop for. You’re looking for a smiley face w/ a paintbrush.

Free hair and Gacha Milk

8 Jul

Free hair and Gacha Milk, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Hah! Hair from Black Maria, it’s free too
slurl.com/secondlife/SINNERS HEAVEN/204/75/31

It’s hair with a hat, and I look like a dork but I still love it. I will try later as a human, I am sure it will look awesome!

I got some mohawks to try on too.

My chocolate milk is from the Albero Gacha Festival.
Gacha Festival

ImpEle pose sale

7 Jul

Packs are 10 or 50 L while she renovates, only lasts a few days so if you’re too slow and it’s over.. then.. that means you’re too slow.  Runs until July 12th.


I got a couple of the 10L packs, papparatzi and the jewelry model set, hopefully will come in handy when I quit slacking and texture up some bracelets to box up.

Gacha festival is open

7 Jul

Gacha festival is open, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Here’s something funny I saw

Gacha is random item vendor, you pay the few lindens it asks.. and get a random item (usually varies in color or style) and bam.. then they’re holding two trade days too so you can trade for the one you wanted and maybe didn’t get

Some shops aren’t set up yet, a couple so far jsut have their placeholder.

It runs till sometime in August so you got time to visit



7 Jul

potty, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.